OSHA requires that every company provide their employees
with regular safety lessons. As an ongoing support services
client, you will receive these mandatory lesson materials and
expert support to maintain your safety training program.
On-site lessons will be delivered by a qualified and
experienced safety trainer.

We also offer Forklift Certification training for a nominal fee.
Your safety training may include the following elements:

  • • Lessons delivered in English or Spanish
  • • Safety tailgate meeting materials
  • • Hundreds of safety topics available
  • • Archived safety lesson sign-off sheets
  • • Management Responsibility Lessons
  • • Workplace Hazard Identification Procedure

*This service is provided by EEAP-The Safety People, and is available only to California clients.

Onsite Inspections

We provide comprehensive on-site inspections, performed by experienced and well-qualified safety inspectors. Your inspections can include the following elements:
On-site visit and walk-through of your facility

Review of your safety programs
Review of your training programs
On-the-spot consultation to:

  • - Correct or abate hazards
  • - Improve safety operations
  • - Maintain ongoing compliance
  • - Identification of OSHA violations

Identification of possible hazards
Identification of machine-guarding hazards
Summary evaluation report, including:

  • - Photos, tied to Cal/OSHA regulations
  • - Instructions to abate/correct identified hazards

*This service is provided by EEAP-The Safety People, and is available only to California clients.


When Cal/OSHA citations are involved, we put nearly 30 years of experience to work for you. We do all of the legwork, paperwork, phone calling, and research. We will also attend all conferences and hearings on your behalf. As an ongoing support customer, you can receive the following Cal/OSHA citation defense services:

  • - Assistance in contracting Cal/OSHA
  • - Comprehensive citation review
  • - Writing and filing of Cal/OSHA appeals
  • - Representation at all Cal/OSHA area, district, and regional levels
  • - Complete monitoring of the entire appeals process
  • - Certified mail services (billed separately)
  • - Cal/OSHA document copying services (billed separately)

For companies outside of California, EEAP/GotSafety offers phone consultation to help resolve OSHA citations.

*This support comes with EEAP/GotSafety services


This addition to our services will include a complete set of
OSHA-compliant documentation specific to your company, industry,
and location! Starting with an over-the-phone interview with one of our
documentation specialists, we’ll find out exactly what you need to be
OSHA compliant and create it just for you. As long as you’re part of the
EEAP/GotSafety programs, you’ll receive free updates for life!

*This service is provided for all clients. California clients may purchase additional on-site services with this package


We provide an online Form Builder to create and fill out inspections checklists and reports! Customize content, layouts, interactive elements, and more! After a form has been created, it will show up under the Forms tab in the GotSafety app and website. These forms can be filled out from any smartphone or computer, which will be electronically sent to your Admin section.

*This service is provided for all clients. California clients may purchase additional on-site services with this package


We provide over 900 bi-lingual safety lessons and sign-off sheets for you to use with any of our services. Lesson topics include everything from Acetylene Safety to Vibration Exposure. With our EEAP services, we’ll provide a set number of on-site safety trainings on the lessons of your choice. As a GotSafety customer, you’ll be able to use these lessons for your own training sessions or provide them to your employees for individual learning.

Our library of material is always being updated to current
standards, and new safety lessons are produced monthly. If we don’t have the lessons you need, we’ll
produce it for you at no extra cost!

Have employees sign-off on lessons electronically using their finger on the app or mouse on a PC! Signatures are then stored instantly online under the Training Records page. Track employee training records using employee name, ID number, lesson topic, or date. You can monitor and manage all your files from your PC.

*This service is provided for all clients. California clients may purchase additional on-site services with this package


With our electronic digital capture you can sign with your finger or mouse. Track employee training records using employee name, ID number, lesson topic or date. Employees’ signatures will be captured digitally and stored to our GotSafety database where you will be able to track all of their training. Over 900 tailgate lessons are available in English and Spanish.


Upload your own company documents, SDS sheets, PDF, audio and video files from your personal client admin page on the GotSafety.com website for all of your employees to access by phone, tablet and PC. GotSafety will store and back-up your OSHA records on GotSafety's servers. Rental of storage space for your OSHA records and other documents on GotSafety's servers is included in all of the safety plans offered by GotSafety.


EEAP and GotSafety conduct periodic safety webinars on a variety of topics ranging from the compliance issues facing management to ground floor procedures that affect all of your employees. Stay up to date with the latest issues surrounding your safety program and let us help you keep a finger on the pulse of OSHA so you can remain compliant.

Our goal is to provide our clients the knowledge that will create a stronger safety culture and lead to higher profitability. As an EEAP and GotSafety client you will have access to all of our archived safety webinars right from your client center.


We offer both Forklift Operator Certification and Forklift Train-the-Trainer Certification. We also offer Certifications for Cherry Pickers, Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts. Call 1.844.510.7233 for more details.

*This service is available only to California clients.


Our variety of plans offer flexibility and reasonable prices for your number of employees. With each of these plans you receive all the great GotSafety Services listed above. To get a quote or receive your free EEAP onsite inspection Click here…
*Each plan requires a reasonable one time setup fee.


Price based on up to 100 employees. For 100+ employees, please call for a quote.


  • GotSafety Online System
  • One Safety Training per Month
  • One Inspection per Quarter


  • GotSafety Online System
  • One Safety Training per Month


  • GotSafety Online System
  • One Inspection per Quarter



  • Employee Limit: 100


  • Employee Limit: 225


  • Employee Limit: 350


  • Employee Limit: 1000


  • Employee count over: 1000
  • Please Call For Details


Our corporate structure add-on is designed for businesses with multiple sites with their own safety personnel. Each of your locations will be separated by branch, which will be managed by your safety admins.

Employees are organized under these branches, but their files and records can be transferred to any branch under the company. Create custom forms and files for your entire company to use, while giving branch safety admins access to create specialized files for each site. This vital tool provides both visibility of all records for all locations, as well as control of your company’s entire safety program.